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Being thankful is a heartfelt experience.  I am humbled by the kindness of others and I am grateful for their consideration. There is peace to be found in being thankful. When we thank the Lord for our blessings, His peace, His mercy, and His grace flow through us. Thank you, Lord, for loving me and  for the caring people You have placed in my life’s path. “Thank You” for my Daughters and my Grandchildren. They are the joys of my life.

During the course of any given day, I encounter several situations for which I am thankful. First of all, I start my day thanking God for watching over me as I slept and for waking me. I am thankful that I can enjoy watching a beautiful sunrise. Being there for a friend who needs a hug or shoulder to lean on…I am thankful that they trust me enough to let me into their life. It only takes a small act of kindness to bring a smile to someone’s face…I am thankful for the opportunity to shine a little light into their day. Thankfulness…Gratitude…Appreciation.

I am thankful…

  • for rainbows after the storms in my life
  • the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ
  • the opportunity to serve others in my community
  • that I have a job and health insurance
  • for the sun that rises each morning
  • the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers
  • that I am of sound mind
  • for memories of loved ones who have passed on
  • for the freedom to worship and praise God
  • for life experiences and lessons learned

“Dear God, I want to take a minute, not to ask for anything
from you but simply to say thank you for all I have.”