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Dove GPSGod’s Perfect System (GPS) is always 100% accurate and it never fails. Its orbit is not of this world or of this universe. It will ALWAYS lead you down the right path. The beginning and ending points (arrival on earth and arrival in heaven) are the same for everyone. However, keep in mind that God gives YOU the option to choose your final destination. Results are not guaranteed if you choose not not be led by His GPS. The path you select is based on YOUR personal relationship with God.

God’s GPS signal comes directly from the precise triangulation coordinates of the Trinity – FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. God’s GPS is free to us because JESUS already paid the ultimate price for it on the cross. God knows that we sometimes get off course so He designed this magnificent system to be forgiving. It also comes with a special feature to guide us and help us get back on track – the HOLY SPIRIT. God’s GPS is customizable: it lets you enter your individual GPS needs. Here are some examples of individual GPS needs:

  • Grace ~ Prayer ~ Serenity
  • Gratitude ~ Peace ~ Sincerity
  • Goodness ~ Prosperity ~ Strength
  • Glory ~ Praise ~ Salvation
  • Gladness ~ Promise ~ Service
  • Guidance ~ Providence ~ Stewardship

Do you have God’s Perfect System (GPS) installed to help you navigate life’s dangerous roads? Do you have God’s GPS anchored in your heart to do His will? In life, you can never go wrong doing the right thing. God is the MASTER NAVIGATOR! Trust Him.