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This is a poem I wrote for my Mother many years ago. I think the poem – LORETTA – captures  the very essence of my Mom’s life. Today would be my Mother’s 83rd birthday. I miss her like crazy. I miss the talks we used to have. I miss being able to pick up the phone to call her and talk about things going on in our lives, to ask for advice, to tell her that I love her, to give her updates on my daughters. I miss the laughs and the tears, the hugs and kisses, and praying together.

My Mom died quietly in her sleep on Saturday, December 16, 1995, just twelve days after her birthday. Sometimes I stand in the card section in a store and look at cards for mothers for birthdays and special holidays. A few times I would buy cards for her and go visit her resting place and read the cards to her. I miss being able to hug my Mother. I am blessed for the time we had together. Thank you, Mom, for all the times you stood by me and loved me in spite of myself.

Here is a song that I dedicate to my Mother. Whenever I hear this song, I pause for a moment, smile, and say thank you.

I love you, Mom, with all my heart!

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