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It really is all about ME! Does that sound selfish and self-centered? It depends on perspective. As an individual with the right to live my life the way I choose, how I live my life is all about ME and my: purpose, goals, desires, compassion, faith, fears, peace of mind, strengths, passions, and inspirations.

be happy and smileEach day when I wake up, I say “Thank You” for blessing me with another day of life, another day to make a difference in another person’s life. “Thank You” for the mercy and grace. Now, being the human being that I am, I can honestly say that I will probably never win the award for being the most cheerful person in the mornings, even though I am sincerely thankful for each new day. This daily ritual of prepping myself mentally, physically, and spiritually for the day ahead gives me pause to realize that it is ME who determines how I will face the challenges of the day, whether I will walk on sunshine, let it roll off my back, not worry and be happy. It is ME who will perform a random act of kindness (or not).

It goes back to the title of this piece, “It Really Is All About Me!” I am the one who presents and represents ME to the world at large. The way I conduct myself in dynamic interactions with others and my mindful perception of my inner-personal experiences with myself all depend on ME and…

  • how feel about my purpose for being here
  • what I am doing to reach/achieve my goals
  • accepting that some of my desires are self-centered
  • having the capacity for care, concern, and compassion
  • recognizing the strength and depth of my faith
  • facing the fears that paralyze me
  • seeking peace of mind in the midst of chaos
  • using my strengths to help others see the power within
  • volunteering to help causes for which I have a heartfelt passion
  • loving and cherishing those that inspire me most

As I reflect back on the lessons learned and the blessing received in 2013, I know that I would not be where I am in my life without ME. As a new year dawns, I have many more opportunities for learning, living, laughing, loving, and making a difference that will become part of my legacy.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! May the New Year bring you blessings, prosperity, peace, friendship, happiness, and success. Bring it on 2014!!