Hello and welcome to REFLECTIONS & INSPIRATIONS, my blog where I share my thoughts about life and pearls of wisdom for the soul. It’s kind of a therapy for me. I feel that if I put positive energy back into the universe, it will help others. Also, it gives me a chance to reflect on my own life with each post that I make to my blog. I try to see how I can integrate these into my life as well.

About R and IEverything on my blog is positive, encouraging, and enlightening. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy your visit and that you will find some pearls of wisdom to take with you to inspire you and to share with others.

Feel free to like (Facebook), tweet (Twitter), pin (Pinterest), email, or print any of the content you see on my blog. All I ask is that if you do share some inspiring or motivating post that you will provide a link back to my blog, and give credit where it is due. Thanks.

Oh, and one last thing regarding the images and content on my blog: the images I use are either public domain (to the best of my knowledge), fair use, or purchased from stock photo sites to which I subscribe. Where known, I will give credit/list the name of the artists and authors of any of the quotes, sayings, poems, or stories I post on my blog. Any images or artworks that are my originals or my derivative works will carry my copyright information. However, the full copyright always belongs to the original creator of the artwork. Be inspired. Peace!


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